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A couple of points if you are looking for pet insurance

A couple of points if you are looking for pet insurance
You need to be aware that once you have a mature dog (usually 8 years old) new insurance companies won't take you so you are locked in with your current insurer
In our case (E&L) our dog(12years old) had a growth on her leg a couple of years ago and although it was benign the company excluded and further growths including cancer from our policy, this year she has had pyometra and she has a heart condition
Check with you vet who they recommend and more importantly who they don't, our vet will wait for payment from some insurers but not for others based on who queries every little thing, who takes months to payout
We have just paid out £1500 but because she is a mature dog the limit we can claim is £500 less 35% of vets fee the total we are due is £280 for the Pyometra and £130 for the heart. We haven't recieved the payout yet! but we have recieved a letter saying they will no longer cover the heart( the pyometra she can't get again because she had her uterus removered) We can't move because of her age. In our experience I would take out insurance for the first year when anything that your dog was born with show itself but after that I wouldn't insure again

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