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We all like to treat our pets like family because they are part of the family. However, when it comes to foods, it’s best to stick to your pet’s dog food and dog treats. Even so, there are times that someone’s going to slip your dog something of his or her plate. Just know that there are four foods, among others, that should never be fed to your family dog
This yummy guacamole ingredient may be quite the healthy food for humans, but don’t feed it to your dog. The avocado contains persin, which in larger quantities can be very toxic for dogs. If you grow avocados, note that the leaves, the bark and the seed are also toxic so if your pet likes to nibble on these things you might need to remove them
It might be cute to see your dog lap up beer that may have spilled on the floor or watch him lick wine out of your glass, but alcohol is no good for dogs. It effects the liver just as it does in humans, but it can do a lot more damage and quickly
There can be diarrhea, vomiting, difficulty breathing and even death. Especially if the dog is a very small breed, the effects are increased dramatically. If your dog shows any of these symptoms it is imperative to get him to a veterinarian
Enough caffeine can be the death of a dog. Avoid feeding your pet tea, coffee or other caffeinated beverages. Poisoning is noticed with symptoms of heart palpitations, rapid breathing, bleeding and tremors or twitching. Remember that caffeine is hidden in cold medicines and some pain relievers. Caffeine is also just part of the reason that chocolate can be poisonous for dogs as well
Dairy Products
A popular treat for your dog is letting him lick the ice cream bowl or even feeding him an ice cream cone. It’s easy to think this cold treat on a hot day is doing the dog a favor. However, it causes many allergies as well as upsetting the tummy. All dairy products including cheese and other milk-based products are not your pet’s friends. If you notice extreme, sudden itching it would be wise to contact a professional as soon as possible to get Fido checked out
It is always wise to ask your vet what the best diet is for your four-legged family member. A healthy dog is one that eats food that benefits the whole body with proper nutrients. Just be wary of some foods we eat are not necessarily good for your pet

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